Importance of Finding an Emergency Dentist in Stuart FL

It's no secret that a dental emergency is a very stressful experience, but fast action saves you from needing more advanced treatment. Our Stuart FL emergency dentist has tips on how to recognize a dental emergency and what you can do to help protect your smile.
Knocked Out Tooth
A knocked out tooth is a fairly common dental health emergency and it may lead to a restoration if you're unable to repair the tooth. If you've lost a tooth due to injury, use gauze to add some pressure to the area to avoid major bleeding and help with clotting. You should also place the tooth in a tissue or milk to help preserve it. If you're able to get to our office within 30 minutes of losing the tooth, we may be able to reattach it. You can also place the tooth back in the socket to protect the roots from harm, however you should not do this with childrens' teeth.
Call our office to let us know that you're on the way. We'll prepare a room so that you'll receive immediate treatment. If we're unable to repair the natural tooth, we'll explore restorative dental options. 
Intense Tooth Pain
Shooting, severe pain in one area of the mouth is a red flag when it comes to your oral health. Persistent pain is typically a sign of a dental abscess, which is a serious oral infection that occurs in the gums or under the tooth roots. If you're frequently experiencing oral pain in one area of your mouth, don't ignore it! As the pain worsens, the infection worsens as well.
A dental abscess is very serious and may be fatal if not treated. An abscess will need to be cleared out and some smile restoration may be necessary. In some serious cases, a tooth extraction may be required to protect your other healthy teeth and gums. 
Facial Swelling
Swelling in your face or neck is a major sign of a dental health issue. Swelling indicates infection, serious gum disease, allergic reaction, injury, or impacted wisdom teeth. Facial swelling is not normal and needs to be thoroughly evaluated by our Stuart emergency dentist. Call our office to book the first available appointment so we can make sure your health is not at risk. Some causes for facial swelling are more serious than others, so fast action saves your smile. 
Loose Teeth
Loose or wiggling teeth are signs of gum disease or major recession. Adult teeth should be strong and secure in place. Teeth become loose due to injury or some underlying cause, so a full evaluation is necessary to identify the issue. Gum tissues that have become severely infected start to recede, which causes problems for your entire smile. Gum health is directly correlated to overall wellness, so make sure you're taking excellent care of your smile. If you have bleeding gums or loose teeth, call our dental office to book the next available appointment. 
If you have any questions about our emergency dental care in Stuart, give our office a call at (772) 287-8225 to learn more and be prepared in case of an emergency!
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