Your Foolproof Formula to Find the Best Affordable

Did you know that 13 percent of working-age adults avoid going to the dentist due to cost? Fortunately, there are still ways to receive the dental care you need without paying more than you can afford.


You can start by finding a dentist in your area that focuses on low-cost solutions that mitigate high upfront costs for their patients. It all starts with taking a little time to do your research before making your first appointment.


Read on for our foolproof formula on how to find the most qualified affordable dentist in your area! 

Easy Financing 

Financing is important to offload the costs of dental care even if you already have insurance. The reason is that procedures such as root canals and implants will still require co-pay under most insurance plans. You may also want cosmetic procedures that are typically not covered. 


With this in mind, make sure that the dental office you’re considering offers financing. Affordable Dentistry of Stuart offers financing through Sunbit that doesn’t require a hard credit check to pre-qualify.

Dental Offers and Discounts

Next, you’ll want to ensure that the dental office you’re considering is also able to offer specials and discounts. For instance, you’ll find that some offices offer a new patient discount for first-time cleanings.


This is a good practice, as it encourages people to begin going routinely to the dentist again. It can also help the patient get the cleaning they need if they don’t have insurance. 


Some dental practices may also offer affordable emergency exams and x-rays. This can give you peace of mind, as you won’t feel tempted to ignore a possible emergency for fear of breaking the bank. Instead, you can pay a small fee for your dentist to determine whether the pain or discomfort you’re feeling is a true emergency or not. 

Weekend Availability

Dental offices that don’t have scheduling flexibility may become more expensive for patients over time. The reason for this is that dentists that are only open during the week force patients to work around their work schedule or use up their unpaid lunch breaks for appointments.


Offices that are open on Saturdays mean that you won’t have to cut time from your work schedule in order to make the appointments you need. Overall, you’ll also feel less stress and will lessen the chances of missing your scheduled appointments. 

Your Affordable Dentist Prioritizes Patient Health

A holistic approach to patient care means also considering the affordability and convenience of services offered. You’ll find that by taking the time to find a reputable affordable dentist in your area, you’ll benefit from improved customer service as well as services that don’t break the bank. 

Affordable Dentistry of Stuart is committed to providing every patient with quality care. Schedule a visit with us today or call us at 772-287-8225!

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