Tips and Tricks to Fight Sugar Cravings


Sugar is a big problem when it comes to dental hygiene. Sugar decays your tooth enamel which then causes cavities and other tooth pain. Our affordable dentistry in Stuart FL takes pride in finding ways to fight sugar cravings and help prolong your dental health.


Fruit First

One way you can quell a sugar craving is by turning to fruit before turning to chocolate. Fruit is a healthier option than chocolate, and though there are also acids in some fruit, there is less sugar, and fruit is far healthier for your physical and dental wellbeing.


Eat Healthily, More Regularly

When a sugar craving hits it could be because you’re just hungry. Taking a crack at a regular meal instead of settling in for a candy bar is much better for your dental wellbeing. Regular meals when you’re hungry are healthy for your body as well as your teeth. This helps you avoid the large intake of sugar and reduces the impact on your tooth enamel, helping you get a stronger smile.



One more way that you can easily reduce sugar cravings is by reducing hunger in general. Chewing gum can help you quell your hunger, and curb your sugar cravings as well. Chewing gum is often seen as a treat, but in comparison to chocolate bars and other such candies, it’s a healthier option overall for your dental health.


Our affordable dentistry in Stuart FL is dedicated to your smile! Ask us more about how to reduce your sugar cravings at your next appointment!


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