Teeth Whitening from Your 34997 Dentist: Is It Worth It?   


Did you know that about 40 percent of Americans are too ashamed of their teeth to smile? Not only can this cripple your confidence, but feeling uncomfortable with your smile can also impede the quality of your life.   


Fortunately, your favorite 34997 dentist can offer a wide variety of noninvasive cosmetic and reconstructive services that can turn around your confidence–sometimes in only a day! One of the most common services is teeth whitening.   


Keep reading to learn whether teeth whitening is worth it for you!   


Enjoy Consistent Results  


One of the top benefits of professional teeth whitening is enjoying immediate, consistent results. This is because experienced technicians will apply the whitening agent evenly to your teeth before it’s activated with a laser.  


They’ll also account for the areas of your teeth that will whiten at a different rate than others, such as teeth with fillings. Taking all this into account, you can enjoy consistently whiter teeth without the spottiness that store-bought whitening kits might give you.   


Professional Teeth Whitening is Safe  


Professionals overseeing your teeth whitening will ensure that there’s no lasting damage to the enamel of your teeth. If you have sensitivity afterward, they’ll also give you product recommendations to feel comfortable.   


On the other hand, store-bought whitening kits may be harsher on your enamel because you need to use more of them to see the difference. Whitening strips can also be hard to apply to your teeth without overlapping with your gums, eventually irritating your soft tissues.   


Experience Whiter Teeth Faster  


Lastly, you’ll find that most professional whitening treatments from your 34997 dentist will be over in an hour or two. You can immediately notice a difference in the appearance of your smile.  


However, whitening strips need to be applied to your teeth for at least 30 minutes. They also need to be used throughout the month until you notice improvement. Even then, results from whitening kits aren’t guaranteed! Your teeth may need a more potent formula that can’t be sold in stores.   


Improve Your Smile with Your Favorite 34997 Dentist  


Many people feel insecure about their smiles and the need to cover them up if they don’t have sparkling white teeth. Professional teeth whitening can quickly improve the look of your smile. More importantly, you’ll feel more confident again!   


Ready to schedule your first consultation with your 34997 dentist? Contact us today to get started!   


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