Save Your Smile from Decay with Root Canal Therapy

Has your smile been affected by severe dental decay or cavities? Root canal therapy may be necessary to keep your smile healthy. While many patients cringe when they hear they need a root canal, it is actually the most common procedure performed by dentists. Root canal therapy is a routine treatment that is performed to protect your healthy smile from serious damage and infection. Our Stuart FL emergency dentist recommends that patients get root canal therapy before they experience a more serious oral health issue. Protect your smile by finding out if you could benefit from root canal therapy.
Serious dental decay that reaches the core of the tooth poses a threat to your otherwise healthy smile. When a tooth fully emerges during adulthood, the core of the tooth is no longer necessary to maintain a healthy smile. The core of the tooth is a collection of pulp and nerves. If dental decay reaches the core, the pulp may become infected. If the pulp becomes infected, the entire tooth and the surrounding teeth may be threatened. An infected tooth can also lead to a dental abscess and even damage to your jaw. Root canal therapy is performed to help prevent this major damage and try to preserve your natural tooth. After a root canal is performed, the core of the tooth is filled in with ceramic resin. This looks just like your natural tooth and prevents food and bacteria from collecting in the core of the tooth. Root canal therapy is a routine treatment that can save you from more serious and expensive dental health issues in the future. 
Clear signs that you may require root canal therapy include shooting pain in one area of your mouth, bleeding or tender gums, and even facial swelling. Frequent pain in one area of your smile may start as mild discomfort, but it can quickly escalate into much more. Make sure you tell our Stuart FL emergency dentist if you notice that you are experiencing frequent oral pain or discomfort. Failure to alert our team of pain or discomfort could leave time for the issue to progress significantly. X-rays and regular dental cleanings can help us identify an issue before it becomes serious. Be sure to maintain your regular visits every six months to help prevent a dental emergency from occurring. 
Failure to get a root canal treatment in time may result in a necessary tooth extraction. An infected tooth may endanger your otherwise healthy smile and may need to be removed. Restorative treatments can be recommended to help you repair your healthy and beautiful smile. Protect your smile from a more advanced and expensive procedure by asking our Stuart FL emergency dentist about root canal therapy.
To learn more about root canal therapy, schedule a visit with our Stuart FL emergency dentist. A quick dental cleaning and check-up can help you understand your current oral health and we can determine if you'll need root canal therapy. Call our office at (772) 287-8225 to schedule your next visit.
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