How to Find a Stuart Dentist Near Me: 3 Tips  


Did you know that in 2019, 65.5 percent of adults saw the dentist in the past year? As the years have progressed, more and more people are taking time out of their days to prioritize their dental health.   


However, this can be difficult for some if they deal with a dentist who can't accommodate their needs. So, instead of going with the first dentist you find after a “dentist near me” search, we recommend taking the time to do some research.   


Keep reading for our top three tips on discovering an experienced dentist in your area! 


1. Location and Availability  


You’ll first want to ensure that the dentists you’re considering are near your work or home. Next, consider when you’ll typically schedule appointments and what the traffic is like at that time. The easier it is to get to your dentist’s office, the more likely you’ll make your appointments on time!   


Keep in mind that the dentist needs to be open at times convenient for your schedule. This may mean early hours or after-work hours. Some dentists are even available during the weekend so that you can lighten up your weekly schedule.   


2. Choose a Partner  


You need to be able to trust the dentist you choose and rely on their recommendations. Overall, you’ll want a dentist who’s easy to communicate with. Beyond being friendly and professional, an experienced dentist can explain dental healthcare and procedures in language that’s easy to understand.  


They’re also willing to take extra time to answer any questions you might have. Instead of being pushed to go through with procedures you’re unsure about, you should feel as if your dentist is an advocate for your dental health.   


3. Read the Testimonials  


Lastly, take some time to read the online reviews of the dentist you’re considering. These can be found on their website, Google My Business page, or even on PracticeMojo. You’ll want to find a dentist that has positive overall reviews.   


You can get a sense of whether the reviews are genuine if people leave more detailed accounts about their visits. This can give you a general sense of how happy previous and current patients were with the service they received.   


Your “Dentist Near Me” Search is Over  


When you start a “dentist near me” search, the endless results that come back can feel overwhelming. Take time to consider where the dental offices are located, their hours of availability and the online reviews.   


If you’re not sure, remember that you can always call to set up a consultation. This will give you a better idea of the office environment, the staff, and the dentist’s experience.  


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