Stuart FL Affordable Implants: What You Need to Know

Losing teeth can be an upsetting experience, but did you know that it can be detrimental to your oral health as well? Don't settle for a smile you are not totally happy with, ask our team about restorative dentistry! We recommend dental implants to help you repair a smile that has been affected by tooth loss or major decay. Check out more information about our affordable implants Stuart FL!
Implants are typically regarded as the most effective method of smile restoration because they look and function just like natural teeth. Stuart FL affordable implants are inserted directly into the jaw and become part of the facial structure over time. A custom-designed dental crown is then attached to the implant to provide a natural-looking and functional restoration. This crown is a false tooth that blends seamlessly in with the rest of your smile. Implants can often be paired with other restorative treatments to better suit your specific needs. Dental bridges, dentures, inlays, and onlays can all be combined with implants for a more affordable option depending on your unique smile. Many implants can be quite expensive and the process of getting them can be quite lengthy. That is why our office offers Stuart FL affordable implants as a more accessible form of restorative dentistry.
A smile that has been affected by tooth loss may actually be at a higher risk for other oral health issues. When teeth are lost, the jaw begins to recede. This can lead other healthy teeth to start to shift out of place, and it may also contribute to further dental decay. Choosing to restore a smile with dental implants can help to maintain a healthy jaw so that your other healthy teeth are not impacted by the tooth loss. Your smile will need to be healthy enough to support an implant before treatment can be performed. Bone grafting and gum grafting procedures can help to strengthen your smile and rejuvenate healthy tissue that will help to build a strong foundation. Once your smile has been deemed healthy enough to support the appliance, the dental implant can be inserted. 
Getting dental implants requires multiple appointments to complete treatment. This means that you will require an initial consultation, an appointment to have the screw inserted, and another appointment to attach the crown. Additional appointments may be necessary before or after to prepare your smile and follow-up with your completed implant. Some health conditions may affect your eligibility for dental implants. Diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy, and other health conditions can all cause an implant to fail. That is because these conditions typically cause slow healing, weakened gum tissues, and bone density problems. This does not necessarily mean that you can not get implants, but additional appointments may be necessary. To find out if you are eligible for Stuart FL affordable implants, schedule a consultation with our team.
To learn more about dental implants, contact our office at (772) 287-8225 or fill out a contact request form directly on our site. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy and strong smile, so call our team today!
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