Affordable Dentist in Stuart Shares the Relationship Between Dental Bridges and Your Oral Health

Bridging the Gap

Missing teeth can be an especially big issue for people who are missing just one. That's because that tooth is often needed to keep other teeth in place, which causes problems like uneven bites and crooked jaws. Thankfully, there are solutions to the problem- dental bridges!


Dental bridges replace a missing tooth with artificial ones on either side of the gap so you don't have to live with all those problems. Read on to learn more about dental bridges, including why you should choose one, what is involved with them, and the benefits of this type of dentistry.


What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are either all-porcelain or metal and plastic that have false teeth attached to them. These false teeth fill in the gap of your smile, allowing you to bite down on your food just like your natural teeth. Dental bridges look very natural since they are made with porcelain and metal, so they give the appearance of a real smile.


A dental bridge can be made in one appointment or in multiple appointments depending on the amount of appliances being attached and how much you need to have prepared ahead of time. Our affordable dentist in Stuart takes a mold and an impression during your first visit, then creates your dental appliances.


Here are some things you should know before getting one:


• A bridge requires two visits to our office (one for preparation and another for placement)

• Bridges typically last up to 10 years

• When choosing what kind of bridge will work best for you, we'll take many factors into account, including the position of your teeth and how long you can wait to have a dental procedure done

• Bridges are cemented onto your healthy teeth but they do not impact your other ones


Why Choose a Dental Bridge?

The first reason patients seem to enjoy bridges is due to their natural appearance, compared to having a hole in between your teeth. By using dental crowns, natural looking false teeth, to not only fill in the gap, but to also be anchors for the surrounding teeth- appearance and strength of teeth can be heightened greatly.


Dental Bridges and Your Health

Bridges are also not removable, compared to appliances like dentures, so there is no worry about losing or dropping and breaking the appliances. You will have some specific cleaning instructions for your bridge that differ from your regular teeth in some instances, but it is nothing too strenuous.


Dental bridges are a great option for those who don’t want to have any metal in their mouth.


If you have missing or broken teeth that could be fixed by a dental bridge, call our affordable dentist in Stuart at (772) 287-8225 to schedule an appointment with our team today!

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