3 Things to Know About Dentures


Dentures are wonderful replacements for your teeth, but there are many things you may not know about dentures until after you get them. Here are three things you need to know about getting dentures.


You Still Need to Brush


Your dentures still need to be brushed! Brushing your teeth is essential even when you have dentures. This keeps them clean and keeps them from introducing bacteria into your mouth.


Keeping Them Safe


At night you should place your dentures in a safe place! You shouldn't sleep with your dentures in, but you should place them in a safe container away from children or pets. This will give your dentures a longer life by ensuring they aren't seriously damaged.


Dentists do repairs


If your dentures get cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged, you'll either need to get them repaired by a dentist or get a new pair depending on how bad the damage is. These repairs cannot be done at home; they must be completed in a dental office to ensure they're done safely and effectively.


Trying to find Affordable dentures in Boynton Beach can be a difficult task, thankfully our office is here to serve you! Feel free to ask us about your dentures at your next appointment!


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